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My Patients’ Experiences

“During one of my darkest periods, T3 helped me defeat the worries that were plaguing me by showing me how I could use logic and behavioral techniques to confront them. Through counseling, I began to see that I had the power to put my worries on hold and I didn't have to let them overtake me. I can't thank them enough!”

“I am better equipped to handle the ups and downs of life with the tools I learned at T3.”

“Pastor Tee was the third and final counselor I decided to visit. His ability to listen, understand and genuinely empathize was something I never experienced with either of my other counselors. He earned my trust at the deepest levels."

I would happily recommend T3 for anyone who wants a counselor who truly listens, cares and has the expertise to professionally guide a client through a complex and difficult personal situation.”

Testimonials: Testimonials
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